hey kids, if you ever wanted to kill ur cash cow game, add a feature that makes the most coveted item for BiS gear easily available and therefore making any other content ingame completely fuckin redundant and alienate half your playerbase

Palaven the White


i have to PvP to get my swan coat for whm glamour and i hate doing pvp cuz it just gets me all fucked up so bad

i just chase ppl down and knock 10 bells outta them like i stop bein ffxiv monk and end up being monk from mean machine

to all those bards n tanks rip im sry for bein so angry

fancy chocobo hat get :u

might be headin out to FFXIV Fan Fest in London in October


I sheepishly have to admit that the 2.3 patch video of Nanamo crying made me worry that we would lose our only skirt-wearing grand company leader.
So, there was a brief moment of relief when I saw Raubahn was still alive before I was immediately crushed by the sultana’s hopelessness and tears.

Kan-Ye-Senna. No one grand company should have all that power.