ppl harassin me to play TERA w/them but they’re all on different servers qqqqqq

do not /pet me, birdman >:(

"Move On"by Garden City Movement

Spshoo | (by Caleb Reid)



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#galactic chic - space queen fashion wants tag (˘‿˘ʃƪ)

azeymas said: I moved server 2 days ago so if I save a bit harder I might be able to get one on Moogle b/c it’s hella cheap here and there are still houses in the old wards.

yeah like i’m not mad about the demand, cuz I’m on Balmung so I was up for the fight but its the price? cuz now I’m not even in the fight anymore lol. guess I’m gonna have to see what’s said near/after 2.4 since there’s been rumours of ishgardian/coerthan land? idk how legit that is but i’d be more hip to a snowy house than a mist house

but yeah playerbase isn’t new to disappointment but this one is a doozy. yoshi p in the dog house with this one lmao



man patches like 2.38 remind me i am a complete sucker and shouldn’t be payin SE to be disappointed like i can disappoint myself for free

watch scob/ex primal sellin mercs snap up a whole ward for the people in their free company

damn shit got me heated

man fuck yoshi p and his yee yee ass haircut i’m mad as hell

50 BSM get

Skåla Hike, Norway by cole rise